Finding Ideal Refurb Scheme In A Holiday Cottage

When you want to give your house a thorough declutter and complete overhaul by way of decor and furnishings, there can be arguments between the various family members who are going to be paying for and living with the outcome.  Redecorating and refurnishing are the two most expensive things carried out in a year – apart from actually building an extension or changing the car.   So if you’re all at sea and can’t agree on a theme or colour palette, sometimes you can get inspiration from holiday homes and cottages.  Of course, you don’t have to stay very long to be able to appreciate how other people have done their homes up – you often find in an air bnb place that they’ve put in exactly the right style of bathroom – one that would suit  your bathrooms perfectly.  Then there are the cottage holiday homes that offer a grand insight into the pitfalls of owning a historic or chocolate boxy style property.  The owners are a mine of information as to how best to tackle this or that and sometimes it can save the interested party an absolute fortune by not trying out such a project after all!