Adding Paradise To The Dining Experience

Styling a home is such a personal thing.  I know couples who are constantly at war over the things in their house.  One pair, down the road are always bickering – he likes it very minimalist, no fussy ornaments, plain curtains, in fact, he’d just have blinds or shutters if he could.  ‘No fripperies’ is his stock phrase – which is a shame because his lady wife is the opposite and loves flouncy lacy rich colours and textures.  They do have  sort of truce and compromise.  The lounge is kept bare essentials so that everyone can find a space to sit, watch tv, plug in their tablets, phones  etc. and still be able to watch tv if they wish or even talk to each other.  The dining room is allowed to be fussy and georgeous with a very  light bird of paradise wallpaper with beautiful pink, orange & red feather pattern which is picked out in the shade of the table linen and chair covers. The crocker is from a specific design house and matches those also.  To enter that room for a meal is wonderful and they are never short of friends to share very socialable evenings and weekends with.  Which strangely, is exactly what the husband likes most about married family life!