All The Extra Tasks To Finish A New Kitchen

As I embark on a massive project – having my twenty year old kitchen replaced, I am now becoming very aware of the many other tasks that will need doing once the shiny gorgeous new cabinets and appliances are in their places.  On paper and on the cgi, it’s all very thrilling, but when I look round at the state of the current one, I can see where the paintwork needs a real tidy up and the walls are looking seriously shabby.  No good just having this wonderful white cabinetry with light oak textured laminate tek wall and finish, if I then leave the grubby feature of the remaining space.  I will have to concede defeat and learn to pick up a paint brush.  Before that though, I need to brush up on what order to paint and just get on with it.  I managed to choose a worktop/tek wall that will reflect the lovely bright stonework of the floor so something along those lines will be sought!