Best Order Of Works For Decorating Schemes

Getting the best finish in a decorating project takes a lot of thought and preparation.   For those experienced will  know the best order of work is paint ceiling first, then walls and finally all the woodwork around a room.   To get the best results, cleaning the entire area first – brushing all dust off from top to bottom.  Washing marks off the walls is imperative as they come through fresh paint if there’s even a spot of oil or fat in the stain.   Before painting anything, the woodwork needs washing with gritty sugar soap, rinsed and dried, before rubbing down with sand paper.  Finish with brushing off the dust to take off the very top surface.  Now applying masking tape above the skirting boards, and edge of all the woodwork will protect the walls from gloss paintwork which cannot just be wiped off.   Once the emulsion or silk has been completed, the woodwork glossing is the finishing touch.  Keeping the area clean of dust and dirt is absolutely essential in every decorating project.