Bright Light Shades Make For Happy Moods

I was looking for decorating ideas to liven up two spare bedrooms.  They have a rather bland ivory silk on the walls, which in itself is not bad, it does reflect the sunlight well, as my decorator said it would; the toning curtains and honey coloured carpet just make each room look bland.  So I’ve invested in a couple of the high end home decorating/furnishing/rebuild magazines and had a really good look to see what the new colour trends are going to be in future months.  I’m very happy to see that the ghastly and very cheap and nasty silver / black / grey theme has now finally departed.  It must have been thought suitable during a dark period in our political state – the country in the doldrums reflected in the decorating world!  It is very noticeable now though that stores are offering much brighter, ighter hues.  This and the wonderful new range of furtaining and furnishing fabrics, there’s defiitely a much more positive swing towards happy shades.  Interior displays in the megastores definitly have a light feel now, which is more positive.