Bringing Spring Sunshine & Warmth Indoors

At this time of early spring, still bitterly cold and rather damp overnight, our thoughts head towards what we hope will be another hot, dry and glorious summer.  Just thinking about being able to sit in the sun room makes you feel warm and satisfied.  But for those of us not blessed with the sort of property or space that can accommodate a summer house or sun room, we can have a really good look at the aspect of our house and the windows in each room.  If we can’t add on to the property, we can at least try to make our rooms as sunny and appealing as possible.    Ensuring each pane of glass and the surrounds are as clean and gleaming as possible always helps.  Keeping venetion or roller blinds in best open setting allows more sun in.  Of course, decorating and arranging soft furnishings in spring hues – yellows, lime greens etc.  This has a tremendously uplifting effect.  Think spring!