We all need to have the chance to pick and choose what decorating and interior furnishings we want to surround ourselves with.   Being able to look through catalogues of designs and colour schemes is such a joy when a project first manifests itself.   The sheer range of fabrics, and materialsRead More →

Getting the best finish in a decorating project takes a lot of thought and preparation.   For those experienced will  know the best order of work is paint ceiling first, then walls and finally all the woodwork around a room.   To get the best results, cleaning the entire area first –Read More →

Ahh the joys of spring are about the make themselves felt soon.  Very soon hopefully .   We’ve had the oddest of weather this last year or so and for many folk, this directly affects their thinking when it comes to all things connected with decorating and refurnishing.  It’s quite trueRead More →