Cheerier Colour Hues On The Cards

Ahh the joys of spring are about the make themselves felt soon.  Very soon hopefully .   We’ve had the oddest of weather this last year or so and for many folk, this directly affects their thinking when it comes to all things connected with decorating and refurnishing.  It’s quite true that a really cold and wet patch does nothing to inspire anyone to traipse out to the out of town painting and diy emporiums.  Much planning can be done however, and now that the colour palette themes in the decorating magazines and showrooms has moved on from the dreadful red/grey/red theme, we have the much longed for cheery hues.   I noticed one big curtain and blind supplier has introduced a fabulously airy theme with luscious yellows and creams – tulips and spring flowers adorning their curtains with matching soft accessories like bedding and cushions etc.   Bodes well for a much brighter couple of years at least.