Daylight Reflected By Simple Painting Technique

I have never been one for constantly going round titivating where I’ve lived.  In general I keep the place habitable, by fixing anything that breaks or wears to the point it could make something else dangerous.  I keep my suyrroundings clean and tidy, but I’m not always changing to the latest trends.   I last had my house decorated over five years ago and it was done by a true professional.   Watchng the process was fascinating – I assumed he’d do a complete room at a time, but no.  In fact after requesting I brush every one out, he did all the ceilings first, as they’re the stipple finish.  Then all the walls were painted with two coats of beautiful ivory silk – that was an eye opener too.   Realising my house was larger than it appeared on a quick Skype walk through, the decorator deemed it impossible to have different colours in each room, so he recommended one colour that reflects day But he was absolutely right and it’s a joy to behold!