Easter Thoughts Of Spring Based Decorating

February and March, leading on to a sunny April will always remind me of one house that my parents bought many years ago.   We had been living in a tiny little house in a nearby town.  It was much harder to get mortgages in those days, the building societies would only accept the man’s salary and rarely took into account the wife’s earnings.  A  maximum of 2.5 times his salary over 25 years, with a 10 percent deposit were generally the terms.  This would never happen in today’s climate with houses costing half a million pounds upwards!   Anyway, my dad improved the tiny house enough to get a higher sales price to put towards a brand new one we went to see in the Easter holidays.  It was beautiful in the spring sunshine and we were able to choose the wall colourings and bathroom suite etc.  Easter always reminds me of that fantastic, exciting period from my early teenage years!