Feature Fireplace Still Looks The Biz

I am not experienced at doing any decorating and feel out of place in a conversation about paints and the new thinking in finishes.  Maybe I’m missing a very essential point in all this!  I have ivory silk on my walls throughout the entire house as I had a professional decorator in for a very specific period and there was no time for him to dally around with different colours in each room.  And it would have cost me two more arms and legs on top of the existing cost.  He was right of course, the finish was superb and looks sunny in every room, which way that’s pointing.  The lounge was allowed one treat – a feature fireplace wall.  Here we sent for a really luscious dark red which was set off by the honey coloured stone fireplace, carpet and leather suite.   I have picked out the gorgeous red in the curtains and cushions.  Even after 7 years, I am still as thrilled today as when the chap finished it all!