Flying Freehold Requires Special Conveyancing Attention

I was watching one of the many property programmes the other evening – waiting for a crime thriller to start . . . .  The property in question had been bought ‘sight unseen’ at an auction.  This is a definite no-no as far as the programme makers and professionals are concerned.  To buy a property unseen from only the scant details in an auction catalogue is so unwise.  Although the agent handling the auction sale has to include as much information as possible at time of publishing, there are always legal matters, complications with say, flying freehold . . . .  A flying freehold exists if part of the house you plan to buy overhangs or lies below part of the neighbouring property.  This can often be very small but the phrase still applies to any part of the building which can be occupied. Example – if your small bedroom ends above the lounge below, which is part of someone else’s house.  However, overhanging drain pipes or guttering etc. is not counted as in conveyancing terms, these are supposed to have a right of eavesdrop.