Frantic Fortnight Pefect For Transformation

After returning from some longer than usual travels this year, I felt very able to look around at my generously spacious family dwelling and plan a campaign of decor for the next year or so.  It’s the sort of house that does need a plan too.  When my decorator last undertook the task, he had exactly two weeks and a day available to me.  He gave instructions on what had to be packed up and moved by this date and that and I was not needed to be around.  I give the chap a spare key and on this occasion he stayed over in my spare room to cut out the travel, time and costs.  It was a superb arrangement for us both and he did get almost everything on the ‘to do’ list done.  All bar rebuilding and reglazing the greenhouse – but that was always going to be the ‘if we run out of jobs, perhaps . . . ‘   sort of project!