Get Cleaning Before Rushing Out For The Paint

When we need to decorate the interiors of houses, there are things we should do first before we even think about rushing for paint and brushes.  Take a look at each room you plan to work on.  Stand in the doorway and cast a slow eye from left to right all the way up and down each wall and over the furniture.   Try to imagine how it would look in a fresh colour as it stands.  Then get a couple of cardboard boxes, got through all the stuff that’s lying around – put junk for downstairs redisribution in one box and upstairs in the other.  Take as much furniture out of the room as you can manage, push the rest away from the walls into centre of the room – clean all the woodwork – skirting boards and behind the rest of the furniture.  Give the room a really good going over with duster, brooms, vacuum cleaner and a bucket of hot water and a cleaning spray.  If you do these tedious jobs when the enthusiasm bites, it’s so much easier to  get started on the real job.