Good Taste & Yearning For Serenity Dictates Palette

I was leafing through a very old copy of a country living magazine over the weekend.  There are quite a few from the 1930s, 40s and 50s in a house that I volunteer at.  At one time the property was very famous for the socialite lady tenant who managed to drag it reluctantly into the twentieth century.   When she moved in with her equally rich and famous husband, there was no running hot water, no proper heating to speak of and the windows were all shuttered up and it was in a sorry, unloved state.  It had been leased out for some years and only minimal maintenance had been carried out.  Well this eventually to be doyennee of all things decor and furnishing related, set about really making a shabby little hall into a supremely popular country mansion.  Anyone who was a socialite and had political leanings coule be found there during the season and this lady made a fantastic name for herself with the most incredible room settings that were sympathetic to their surroundings yet brought warmth and serenity to bear.  The articles in the country magazines were overflowing in their praise for this beacon of loveliness and good taste.