House Renovations Need To Supply More Space & Light

One of the most interesting programmes in the huge array of home improvement and upgrade shows on daytime tv currently is an import from Canada.  Two brothers offer to renovate family homes to get a much better sales figure in order the the current owners to be able to obtain the house of their dreams.  It sticks to a very rigid formula with scripted gasps of horror at the original house valuation and suggested doubts about going ahead with the refurb idea etc.  But what intriques me is the size of the properties they start with and then move to.  The ‘reno’ decorating schemes are all designed to be spacious and airy, showing the project in the best possible light.  The new homes are all huge and must have double basin vanities in the master bedroom ensuites.   Kitchens are all massive to accommodate their gargantuan fridge/freezers.  Space and light are the watchwords there for sure.