Joining The Queue For Trusty Trader

It can be quite difficult to imagine a nice warm spring or summer day when we’re just backing out of one of the worst two months of winter weather for a generation  We actually had so much snow and ice that the rivers and waterways froze solid .  Pictures of the fountains in Trafalgar Square with incredible frozen displays have captured the news photographers and we pretty wrapped up in this drama.  But for those of us who don’t go out in it and satisfy ourselves with just looking on, there are the everyday tasks still need doing.  Like planning how to decorate the hallway or getting that downstairs cloakroom updated and a bit more inviting.  I have been making tentative searches on the trader checking sites to find a maintenance/decorator/fixer kind of chap who doesn’t mind what he tackles. Theere are many advertising but because of lockdown and restrictions over who can work where and when, these guys are heavily booked up – which is fantastic news for them.