Not Always Space That’s Needed – Will Power Too

It can be very difficult to think of a theme when you’re wanting to refurbish a house you’ve lived in for some years.   I see some of my neighbours having extensons added to our already rather generously proportioned houses and wonder just how much room does anyone need.  I find that the more space I have, the more I put fill it!  I am definitely better if left with less space around me, as proven when I was able to stay in a tiny shepherd’s hut recently.  On a glamping trip to deepest Norfolk I had the luxe end of it!  However I was able to keep my untidy tendencies in check and put everything away in it’s place immediately I’d finished with it.   I just need something that reminds me not to put that cup or magazine down on a work top but to deal with it there and then.  Is there an interior designer who can help me with that I wonder.