Pre Sale Reno Not Needed In Home Market

We all have our own sometimes rather fixed ideas about what we want in the way of decorated walls.  When we’re going to live in a house for some more years to come, then we can of course dictate how those walls are to be coloured or covered.  However if  you’re decorating just to tidy up a place prior to putting it on the sales market, then many a mistake can be made here.  I was happily watching a property renovation and sale show that originates in Canada or North America.   The houses shown are too small for occupants and need updating to sell for top dollar.  The work’s done for several thousand $ and then we see ‘open house’ sale.  Lots of offers come in, bidding wars etc.  The owners are hysterical with joy when top dollar is achieved.  The point of mentioning is that over there no one buys a place that’s not already perfect and finished.  Over here we want to do it ourselves upon moving in. This includes getting a new roof for the home, such as with Endeavour Roofers Surrey!