Ordering Decorating Items Online Poses A Dilemma

One of the positives of having to self isolate and spend more time at home was that no one expected us to do anything in particular.   Because we were not supposed to have been going out for anything but essential groceries and pharmaceuticals, a languid torpor settled over many folk.  However there were the stalwarts who took the opportunity to start a new hobby or reacquaint themselves with an old one.  Other folk took up house decorating and refurbishment.  This was done by stealth in many ways, using up old paint and materials lurking int he garage – these items were considered an non essentials and so were unavailable in the stores that were open.  However, the massive online companies were able to fill any gaps but care has to be taken about what can be ordered online.   I do know a chap who ordered rather a lot of ‘magnolia’ emulsion but found it was a completely different shade to the intended one and it’s not easy to return an opened can!