Tips For Bringing A Colour Scheme Together

Some of us really do like to have as many matched colours as possible.   I know that some people do struggle to see why it matters if two navy items are placed near each other, they are of the right hue of navy – that is one of the most difficult challenges.  Far better not to attempt matching but to find a toning shade, lighter altogether.  One way to bring colour schemes together in a decorating theme is to have neutral walls, similarly neutral curtains with one strong flower or pattern piece.   This then allows for one wall to be decorated to match that one strong shade, perhaps a statement chimney breast or alcove in a bedroom.   In a room with pale suite and neutrals, then a colourful throw can pick out one leading colour in the curtains.   These subtle little tricks can do wonders to bring the decorating scheme together and make a room look professionally dressed – for far less.