Turning Back To Age Appropriate Decor

The last decade or so has seen a fantastic surge in house improvements.  Not everyone can afford to move up to the next sized house – the most economical option for them has been to extend up, out, round . . . .   The results have often been startling bright white and chrome or stainless steel kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms etc all with medical quality sanitary splendour.   No matter what age of houe, these incredible ‘grand designs’, generally inspired by the t programme of the same name, have tranformed old victorian terraces, ’70s semi detached as well as the now much coveted ’20s and ’30s style house.  I now know of a  young couple who are buking the trend and had their bathrooms transformed from the cold medical whiteness – they’ve gone the other way back to the pre Victorian origins of their 1820’s house.   They have now the most glorious dark green tiling and with appropriate flooring – all the sanitary ware is modern and easy clean, of course and there are hidden cupboards for the endless supply of products.  A fabulous job done, very age appropriate.