Unchanging Family Decor Reflects Stability

You can often tell the age group of a householder by the choice of furnishing and decorating themes when  you visit.  This is certainly true of some of my social groups that I help support.  There’s the local quaintly named forget me not club that was started after the first world war to help combat the lonliness created when a loved one, or several, didn’t return from the war.  This club has carried on but with less vigour now.  We chat and play cards and bingo.  Nothing too brain straining but it is interesting to note how these folk have lived in the same family houses for generations and never feel the need to update or change their home styles one jot.  I often visit the less mobile and fetty them about to our meetings or outings.  I get invited in for cups of tea and it’s always a joy to see how they decorate and furnish their cherished homes.  The way the houses are decorated is a little symbol of their generation and what it stood for through the century.  But I  have managed to encourage almost all of them to get professional decorators in to update and refresh their interiors over the years so I’m not sitting in a sepia world every time I take tea and cake!