Variety In Cooking Set Ups For All

All our homes these days either have gas or electric hobs as their main cooking option.  There are now numerous different types of hob top to choose from for your kitchen.  Here, we explain the main pros and cons for each.
Ceramic:  these generate heat just below the surface which is used for cooking.  The ceramic hob is finished using ceramic glass which is really easy to clean and gives a stylish look.  Powered using electricity.
Gas hob: the heat is generated by a flame using gas.  These are great for quickly changing temperature and are cheap to run.  They are not so easy to keep clean and often have fiddly parts.  These can be suppied via portable gas supply for where there is no piped in town gas.
Induction hob: Similar to ceramic hobs, these use circular coils generating a magnetic field which ‘induces’ heat onto the pan.  These are also easy to clean but do require special pans made out of ferrous material which can work with the induction method.